Umbrella Insurance — The Basics

What is it? Umbrella insurance offers extra liability protection beyond what's covered by your primary auto and home policies. While most home policies provide some liability coverage (Bunker Hill offers up to $1 million), an umbrella policy provides additional liability coverage in case you suffer a very large loss.

Umbrellas can protect you against more than raindrops – an insurance umbrella protects against a host of other things that could ruin your day. 

Why do you need it? Standard auto and homeowner's liability insurance provides some liability coverage, but that coverage may be not enough if you cause a bad car accident or someone gets hurt or killed on your property. If you're found liable for damages in accidents like these, you will have to pay. If you don't have enough assets to cover the damages, you could see your income garnished.

Who needs an umbrella? Everyone should consider an umbrella policy, especially if you have a home, retirement savings, brokerage accounts, or dependents to protect. For people at higher risk for potential lawsuits (dog or pool owners; families with teenage drivers) it is especially important.

How do you buy umbrella insurance? In Massachusetts, Bunker Hill offers umbrella coverage as an endorsement to your Bunker Hill home policy. In Connecticut, you can buy a separate umbrella policy from our affiliate, Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation.

How much does it cost? A personal liability umbrella insurance policy can give you added protection for a small additional cost. Most policies cost only $15-$30 a month.

For more information about umbrella coverage, contact your independent Bunker Hill agent. To find an independent Bunker Hill agent near you, please call us at 866-322-2442 or visit our agent finder.

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