Pledge of Assurance®

At Bunker Hill, we pledge to treat you with courtesy, value your time, and recognize that the issues you are facing may be difficult.

Whatever the reason for your call, we will be as helpful as possible. This means:

  • Our goal is to have a friendly person answer your questions or provide the help you need quickly and accurately during business hours.
  • We will communicate in easy to understand, jargon-free terms and do everything possible to clearly convey what you need to know.
  • If you do not get the information or help you need, you may ask a supervisor or manager for additional assistance.
  • At the end of your call, we will clearly explain what we will do next and how we will keep you informed.

Professionalism and competence are the standards we set for every aspect of our organization.

We set this bar high at Bunker Hill, which means we strive for constant improvement. We pledge that:

  • We will issue your policies and statements accurately the first time.
  • Your claims will be handled professionally and sensitively to make things as easy for you as possible.
  • We will strive to perform inspections within scheduled appointment times and to move the settlement process quickly.
  • We will try to do our best, even if it takes extra effort. After all, extra effort is essential to creating extraordinary service.

We stand behind the commitments in this Pledge of Assurance. More importantly, we promise to provide you with the levels of service you expect.

If you believe we’ve failed to provide you with the service you deserve, our Vice President, Curt Troutman, would like to know. (If you’ve had a good experience, he'd like to know that, too.) Just email him.

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