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Having a complete inventory of the contents of your home can help speed up a settlement when you have to file a claim. Making a list of items in every room, and taking photos or a video of special items, will make filing a claim much less stressful after a disaster.

Create a list
To create your inventory list, take a few minutes and go through each room of your house to write and/or take photos of its contents. You want to list large individual items and bulk together sets of smaller items, like DVDs, books, toys, or linens. Don't forget to include items stored in your basement, attic, garage, shed or anywhere outside the house.

Record the details
Record as much information about each item as you can. Include the number of items, their original cost, the date purchased, receipts, and photos or videos of the items. Finding purchase information for everything you own can be challenging - consider focusing on individual items worth more than $500 to start. And if you can't find the original receipt, estimate the price.

Save a copy
The most important thing to remember - save a copy of your inventory, photos, videos, and receipts somewhere away from your home, such as a safety deposit box. If you have a catastrophe at home, you'll need a way to recover the information quickly.

Check out this free tool from the Insurance Information Institute that will have you create a home inventory.

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